India has put forward 12 Maratha forts for consideration on the UNESCO World Heritage List

The 12 elements included in this nomination consist of Salher, Shivneri, Lohagad, Khanderi, Raigad, Rajgad, Pratapgad, Suvarnadurg, Panhala, Vijaydurg, and Sindhudurg forts in Maharashtra, along with the Gingee Fort in Tamil Nadu. The article discusses India's nomination of the "Maratha Military Landscapes" for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It traces the origins of Maratha military ideology to the 17th century, under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, continuing through subsequent rulers until the end of the Peshwa rule in 1818. The nomination emphasizes the cultural significance of these forts, highlighting their strategic importance and distribution across diverse geographical regions. India currently boasts 42 World Heritage sites, with the "Maratha Military Landscapes" being the sixth cultural property nominated from Maharashtra. This nomination underscores the rich historical and architectural heritage of India's military past.

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A Journey Through Off-the-Beaten-Path Tourism

Tourism, at its essence, is about exploration and discovery. While popular destinations often dazzle with their well-known attractions and iconic landmarks, there's something truly special about venturing off the beaten path to uncover hidden gems that offer unique experiences and authentic encounters with local culture.

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Preserving Our Past: The World Heritage Sites Initiative UNESCO

The World Heritage Sites initiative, established by UNESCO in 1972, identifies and protects places of exceptional cultural and natural significance worldwide. Sites are selected based on strict criteria, including their historical, cultural, or ecological importance. Designation as a World Heritage Site promotes global awareness and encourages sustainable tourism and conservation efforts. Currently, there are over a thousand such sites across the globe, ranging from ancient monuments to pristine natural wonders. These sites represent the collective heritage of humanity and serve as a reminder of the need to preserve our shared past for future generations. UNESCO

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12 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in 2024

Embark on a global odyssey through the "12 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in 2024," where azure seas meet white-washed cliffs in Santorini and the Canadian Rockies beckon with pristine wilderness. Explore the bustling souks of Marrakech, savor the cultural tapestry of Kyoto, and meander along the enchanting Amalfi Coast. From the historic charm of Dubrovnik to the adrenaline-pumping adventures of Queenstown, each destination offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures. Luxuriate in the romance of Bora Bora, immerse in the vibrant hues of Jaipur and the spiritual retreat of Rishikesh. Traverse time on Mackinac Island and marvel at the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia. Join us on a visual journey through these captivating destinations, unveiling the world's most alluring places in the coming year.

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Unveiling the Serenity: Exploring the Enchanting Tourism of Lakshadweep

Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is a mesmerizing archipelago comprising 36 coral islands. Known for its pristine white-sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and azure lagoons, Lakshadweep has quietly emerged as a hidden gem in the world of travel. In this article, we delve into the captivating tourism offerings that make Lakshadweep a unique and unforgettable destination.

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